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Set your students loose with our fun, versatile and beautiful Splash Pads and make gross motor development more fun with these squishy shapes! We have included 10 shapes up to 23 x 23 cm. Inside each shape is an oil and water mixture that students can manipulate with their fingertips. Shake the shapes to see the colours mix! The colours will separate when the Splash Pad is left still. Explore geometry. Ask students to describe each shape and name them. Combine the shapes on a large table to make giant mosaic pictures. Lay the pads on the floor and encourage children to hop from pad to pad! The texture feels great under little feet. The oil and water splash like a real puddle! Splash Pads are great for light table or Light Cube play. Lay one on a light table and encourage students to explore the shape and texture with their hands. No light table? No problem! Simply dampen one side of the splash pad and it will cling to a window. The material separates back into their original colours in minutes.


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